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To possess, use or distribute drugs is illegal and punishable by serious criminal charges.  Punishment for these offenses can result in hefty fines, probation, or a significant prison term.  Both states and federal government prosecute people for drug charges and there are special courts set up to handle non-violent drug offenders.  The goal of prosecuting drug crimes is to save money, help reduce crime and to allow someone to get treatment, rather than being incarcerated.  Hire an Abilene defense lawyer today if you are dealing with drug-related charges, because your future is hanging in the balance.

What kinds of drug charges can a drug user face?

When someone uses illegal drugs, the crime is considered less serious than selling them to others.  A first time offense for a small amount of marijuana may not even lead to jail time.  Possession of any amount of cocaine, heroin or methamphetamines can be classed as a felony, prosecuted and wind up with the individual being jailed for many years.  If you are caught in possession of drugs, you can be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, unless you hire a defense attorney to help you.

What is drug trafficking and what are the penalties associated with it?

If you are involved in drug trafficking it is considered a very serious crime.  If you possess illegal drugs in a large amount, it can be charged as “possession with the intent to sell,” which is considered as a type of drug trafficking offense.  Federal law mandates a minimum sentence for crimes involving illegal drugs and the judge cannot reduce the sentence.  When a person is arrested for drug trafficking or a similar charge, you have rights so you should speak to a criminal law lawyer.

Can there be additional penalties for someone facing drug charges?

In addition to being charged with possession and trafficking, the state and federal governments have made other drug-related activities illegal.  If you engage in certain activities it can increase the penalties you are subject to in a drug-related crime.  If a person is arrested with drugs within a school zone, church, park or daycare, it can result into additional penalties.  Because there are so many things stacked against you for charges related to drugs, it is important to seek an experienced Abilene defense lawyer to represent your case, because otherwise things can end very badly.

Why should you hire a defense attorney?

If you are arrested for some sort of drug-related charge, you need to realize how serious the matter can become without having a lawyer.  You are facing a possibly lengthy prison term, a conviction which will go on your permanent record, fines, court costs and other consequences, if you are convicted of a drug charge.  Consult with an Abilene defense lawyer today and get information about your rights, talk about how you can defend yourself and learn about your options.  Call a criminal law lawyer now and don’t go into court without one, because your situation is unpredictable without legal representation.

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